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 Did you know that in 1924, Philip Morris introduced Marlboro as a women's cigarette based on the slogan: "Mild as May". A female audience was targeted through a series of ads in 1926 depicting a feminine hand reaching for a cigarette. These advertisements featured stylish women posed in plush settings, and by the 1950s, babies were telling mom and dad what a great smoke a Marlboro was. During World War II, however, the brand faltered and had to be taken off the market. Marlboro was reintroduced to the nation in 1955 with the "Tattooed Man" campaign. The image of the "new Marlboro smoker as a lean, relaxed outdoorsman - a cattle rancher, a Navy officer, a flyer - whose tattooed wrist suggested a romantic past, a man who had once worked with his hands, who knew the score, who merited respect," (Esquire 6/60) proved that nothing was feminine about the filtered cigarettes.